A. Our company’s expertise is to eliminate your water intrusion related issues! This can be associated with the following building components:
Roof systems (All types)
Window systems
Curtain Wall systems
Stone/Masonry veneers and walls
Basements Elevator pits
Parking garages Etc.
“If it involves water intrusion….we can resolve it!”

A. Every type. From single story Retail to Commercial high rises. As well as Medical, Industrial,….you name it.

A. No. We focus solely on eliminating water intrusion and do not do entire roof replacements. *There are however, many roof coating options available to you that will significantly extend the life expectancy of your roof system. Feel free to schedule a site visit to determine if your roof system is a candidate for this process.

A. No. We resolve leak issues typically associated with weather.

A. No. All of our repairs typically involve the exterior of a building. We do however, routinely provide containment alternatives and solutions that involve a building’s interior. The following are interior related examples: Mechanical Rooms Equipment Rooms Commercial Kitchen areas which are above an occupied/tenant space Floor penetrations Etc.

A. Yes. We provide all of our customers with current GL, WC, Auto, and Excess Umbrella coverage to meet industry standard requirements. Our insurance agent will email you all the certificates of insurance (COI). Any special language your property may require can be added to all COI’s. All certificates are emailed prior to the commencement of any scheduled and approved repairs.

A. The scheduling process varies. We can usually respond to a work order request or RFP within 24-48 hrs.

A. Upon completion of repairs, a status report/invoice is emailed to management. A paper copy invoice is also mailed.

A. This varies and can be all across the board. Most contracts are negotiated. We will however, work with a customer’s individual request as much as possible.

A. Our standard warranty is (1) year from the date of completion, unless otherwise noted and or agreed upon. This too can vary significantly. Depending upon the scope and materials used, we can provide manufactures warranties ranging from 1-20 plus years. Our labor warranties are from 1-5 yrs.

A. Materials and Labor.

A. Yes. We will work with our customers to minimize tenant interruptions/distractions as much as possible.

A. Absolutely! We work at many of these types of facilities daily. We fully understand the sensitivity of these environments and will do whatever is necessary to maintain your patient’s and tenants privacy.

A. Yes. Simply call or email our office. We will be happy to provide you a list of which you can personally call to verify our abilities and credentials.



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Owner/management understands and agrees that leak repair is not an exact science and cannot guarantee absolute results. Seal-Tek shall not be responsible for any consequential damage the owner/management/entity or anyone claiming under owner/management might suffer as a result of a continuous leak. If any person should sue Seal-Tek for damages, owner/management agrees to indemnify and hold Seal-Tek harmless for all amounts claimed by such individual/entity.